Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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Aqua TROLL Shared Ecosystem

Reduce complexity and cost with equipment that works together. All Aqua TROLL products use the same ecosystem—from handheld to cable to communication.

3D Factory Calibration

In-Situ Aqua TROLL performs a multi-point factory calibration on every sensor. This calibration ensures that the sensor is linear across its full range and reduces the complexity of user calibration.

Low Maintenance Deployment

Keep labor and equipment costs down with advanced sub-2-inch passive and active antifouling on all sensors and 9+ month battery life. The Aqua TROLL 500 is reliable in challenging environments and ideal for long-term deployments in fresh and saltwater.

Enhanced Reliability

In-Situ Aqua TROLL equipment is designed to withstand use in the harshest environments. Features designed to prevent breakage or failure include:

• Interlocking sensors for greater stability
• Titanium restrictor
• Fully potted sensors
• Redundant SD card storage
• Multi-chamber design

Built-In Error Protection

Prevent the most common damage or loss with:

• Spring-loaded screws that keep screws in place
• Slip-clutch wiper to prevent motor damage
• Smart sensors that fit in any port
• Wet-mate connectors that prevent water damage
• Anti-roll bumpers to keep equipment stationary

Mini Calibration Cup

The Aqua TROLL 500 uses only 50 mL of calibration solution for both rinsing and calibration. This feature reduces the calibration cost by 5x over traditional methods, saving thousands of dollars in calibration solution per year.

Fast-Response Sensors

Aqua TROLL sensors were designed to support spot-checking and profiling applications where sensor response time is critical. The temperature sensor uses extended thermistor and insulated barriers; RDO® has optional fast-response formulation; and a round bulb increases surface area and improves response time on pH sensor.

Aqua TROLL Applications

Pond Aquaculture

Monitor dissolved oxygen and control aerator function to protect stocks and increase yields.

Continuous Surface Water Monitoring

Monitor for events or trends over time to establish baseline parameters and track changes in water quality.

Continuous Groundwater Monitoring

Measure water level and water quality over time at local or regional scales.


Monitor groundwater, surface water and air, both during and after in-situ treatment of contaminated groundwater.


Monitor level, quality and flow continuously to establish baseline parameters and see changes during storm events.

Mine Dewatering

Removing or depressurizing water from a mine to minimize flooding, stabilize slopes and highwalls, and optimize operation.

Mine Drainage Monitoring

Monitoring the quality, level and flow of surface water and groundwater affected by mining.

Pit Lake Monitoring

Monitoring the quality, level and flow of water in a flooded open mine pit.