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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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12 Volt Abyss 300® Plastic Pump
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12 Volt Abyss 300® Plastic Pump

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The Engineered Plastic 12-volt Abyss 300® pump is capable of pumping up to 300 feet depth to water (DTW)* by simply connecting the Abyss 300® to a 12-volt deep cycle battery using the Low Flow with Power Booster 4 Controller. Its reliable design and low amp consumption makes it the ideal pump for groundwater sampling and remediation pump and treat system. The Abyss 300® pump can run continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for remote situations when the pump needs to run when no technician is present. The Engineered Plastic Abyss 300® can even be used for low flow sampling (Fractional Flow®). Now you can sample all the way down to 40 mLs per minute with the Low Flow with Power Booster 4 Controller. Need to get even lower?? How about 10 mLs per minute in conjunction with the Low Flow Sampling Control Valve.


Simplify and Expedite Your Next Sampling Event!

  • The Abyss 300® can operate under harsher conditions with higher turbidity. It can even run in oily, sandy liquid.

  • The Abyss 300® can run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can even run dry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! 

  • The Abyss 300® has a 3,000-hour motor life!

  • The Abyss 300® has a sleek outside that minimizes well hang-ups that easily fits into 4-inch wells or larger.

  • The Abyss 300® fits easily into a schedule 40, 4 inch well.

  • The Abyss 300® is widely used as a remediation pump for groundwater pump and treat situations.

  • The Abyss 300® is a very reliable and economical pump that provides a great bang for your buck!

The Abyss 300® is simple to make it a solar pump! Simply hook up your desired solar panel arrangement to the 80 Amp Solar Charger and then to a deep cycle marine battery(ies) for a turnkey solar pumping system that will last for years and years!


The Abyss 300® can also run off the 50 amp gas powered 12 Volt Crusader®. This Gas driven Generator can produce 50 continuous amps of 12-volt power. No batteries are needed!


* Depth to water



When Using The Low Flow With Power Booster 4 Controller


DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:            12-15 DC (direct current) At Source

AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):                5 AMPS

MEASUREMENTS:                                    LENGTH 12"/ DIAMETER: 3.83"

REQUIRED TUBING:                                3/8" ID or 1/2" ID TUBING

SUPPLIED WITH:                                     310 FEET OF HEAVY DUTY 10 GAUGE WIRE,

                                                                     QUICK DISCONNECT PLUG & BATTERY