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12 Volt Frontier® 60 Plastic Pump
Proactive Environmental Products

12 Volt Frontier® 60 Plastic Pump

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The Frontier® 60 12 volt submersible pump by Proactive Environmental Products International LLC (PEPI)® is engineered for the homeowner in mind. The Frontier® 60 submersible centrifugal pump is capable of pumping up to 60 feet from ground level (DTW)*. The Frontier® 60 is very easy to use....Just hose clamp onto the pump barb tip a 3/8" id tubing. Then, lower the pump to the desired water depth and energize the pump with a 12 volt deep cycle AGM battery or several other "powering" options pictured on the right side of the page. ​The Frontier® 60 pump will fit into a schedule 40 or 80 2 inch well or larger. The Frontier® 60 is perfect for showers, toilets, watering shrubs. Please note: The Frontier® 60 pump is not suitable for drinking water consumption because the Frontier® 60 has yet to be NSF approved. ​

Simplify and Expedite Your Next Event!​


  • Frontier® 60 can operate under harsh conditions with higher turbidity.​​

  • Frontier® 60 can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down!


  • Frontier® 60 has a 1,000 hour motor module life!​​

  • Frontier® 60 has a sleek outside that minimizes well hang-ups.


  • Frontier® 60 is a very reliable and economical pump that provides a great bang for your buck!  

Easy to fix if a problem should arise: Let's face it, mechanical parts break down after a while. The life expectancy of the motor module is around 1,000 hours or so.  Please Keep in mind... the life of the motor module depends of course how often it is used (this is for any pump or a matter of fact anything mechanical). The great benefit of the Frontier® 60 pump is the patented (#7584785) replaceable motor module that can be changed out within 60 seconds. That means no down time and NO expensive service calls. Just twist in the new motor module and start pumping again, truly peace of mind!! Once the new motor module is installed, your pump is essentially new and will have a life span identical to a new pump. Please note, the Frontier® 60 pump ships to you with one motor module installed on the pump.


Important Notes and Friendly Reminders:

  • The Frontier® 60 pump cannot be used as pressure pump under any circumstances. The Frontier® 60 pump is engineered to discharge water into a large holding tank of water. Then from that large holding tank another pump needs to be used to pump to your final destination.

  • Do not valve down the Frontier pump with valves or any other mechanical devices. If you need to achieve a lower water discharge rate then please purchase the "Pro Controller #1."  Pictured on the right side of this page. ​

The Frontier® 60 pump is engineered for ease of use. The pump consist of 4 components:

  1. The replaceable motor module

  2. The motor module 4 Pin Bayonet Connector 

  3. The outside PVC Housing and PVC Bottom Inlet Filter Screen 

  4. The pump power wire

* Depth to water 


WATT CONSUMPTION (MAX):                150 WATTS (MAX)

DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:               12-15 DC (direct current) At Source

AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):                  10 AMPS

MEASUREMENTS:                                      LENGTH 7.5" / DIAMETER: 1.82"

REQUIRED TUBING:                                  3/8" ID LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE TUBING

SUPPLIED WITH:                                       90 FEET OF HEAVY DUTY 10 GAUGE

                                                                       WIRE WITH ALLIGATOR CLAMPS


                                                                       AND NITRILE


The Frontier® 60 pump is not NSF approved. 


This pump is to be used as a dedicated pump only, which means dedicated to the well or dedicated to the water 24 hours a day! Not to be used as a portable pump