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12 Volt Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump
Proactive Environmental Products

12 Volt Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump

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The low amp draw, hardworking Poseidon® 60 Pump fits into 2 inch schedule 40 and 80, and larger diameter wells. Poseidon® 60 Pump is powered by a 12 volt DC power source such your vehicle. For remote sites consider the Proactive® 60 amp battery power pack, or a 12 volt DC portable spill-safe AGM battery.

The Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump is most popular for its price point, reliability, performance, ease-of-use, and the flexibility to be used in multiple applications!


The Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump is compatible with several 12 volt DC autonomous pump control systems options to choose from, such as Proactive Environmental Products®:


Pro Controller #1

Pro Transformer #1

Pro Transformer #2

Pro Transformer #3

Pro Solar Charger #1

60 & 80 Series Solar Direct


Applications of the Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump include, but not limited to:

24/7 stationed applications in groundwater, surface water, vaults or the like for: Pump Tests, Long or Short Term Purge, Remediation, Liquid Transfer, Ongoing Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring

Note: if you are looking for an affordable Hydrocarbon Recovery [LNAPL/DNAPL] pump please see the   

SS Mini Monsoon® XL Series or Abyss® Series pump lines


  • Designed for 2” schedule 40 and 80 and larger diameter wells

  • Submersible single stage centrifugal style pump

  • No Controller or booster required with this pump

  • Consistent flow rate at 12.5 DC volts output to the pump

  • Hard working pump that operates under harsh conditions with higher turbidity

  • Field ready right from the box

  • Auto-Priming so in the event of a power outage the pump restart is at same pump setting

  • Sleek dome shape construction minimizes well hang-ups

  • Comes with 90 feet of wire that can be cut to desired length

  • Can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down

  • Poseidon® 60 motor modules provide 400+ hour life. True life expectancy of the motor module is around 1,000+ hours and varies upon application and conditions in the well

  • Eliminate downtime with the incorporated Proactive Environmental Products® Patented (#7584785) 1 minute quick change motor module technology

  • Required tubing size: 3/8”id x ½” od

  • PFO/PFA free

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 60 days on parts and labor


The Poseidon® 60 Plastic Pump consists of 4 components: The 4 Pin Bayonet Motor Module Connector, Replaceable Motor Module, Outside PVC Housing with PVC Bottom Inlet Filter Screen (Assembled as One Unit), and the Pump Wire 

WATT CONSUMPTION (MAX):                150 WATTS (MAX)
DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:               12-15 DC (direct current) At Source
AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):                  10 AMPS
BLADE FUSE:                                               20 AMP FUSE
MEASUREMENTS:                                      LENGTH 7.5" / DIAMETER: 1.82"
REQUIRED TUBING:                                  3/8" ID X 1/2" OD TUBING
SUPPLIED WITH:                                       90 FEET OF HEAVY DUTY 10 GAUGE

                                                                        WIRE WITH ALLIGATOR CLAMPS

Manufactured from PFOA Free Parts
This pump is to be used as a dedicated pump only, which means dedicated to the well or dedicated to the water 24 hours a day! Not to be used as a portable pump