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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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The Abyss Booster #1 is compatible with the Proactive Environmental Products® pumps listed below:

Abyss® and Abyss® Slimline pumps


If you plan to power the Proactive® Abyss® pumps listed above using AC/DC 12 volt output transformers, gas generator or Solar, or desire autonomous pump control, please contact us to discuss the full line of Proactive® Autonomous Pump Control System options.


Applications of the Abyss Booster #1: When using the Abyss® series pump line include, but not limited to:

24/7 stationed applications in groundwater, surface water, vaults or the like for: Pump Tests, Long or Short Term Purge Monitoring, Remediation, Liquid Transfer, Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring, Hydrocarbon Recovery [LNAPL/DNAPL]


  • Abyss Booster #1 is NOT required with Abyss® series pump line, but an option to  double purge flow volume

  • Constant Voltage Boosting Technology (CVBT) allows the correct voltage to reach the pump motors for consistent flow

  • One time setup

  • Same pump settings upon restart every on/off cycle or from power outage

  • Lightweight and easy to mount

  • Runs directly from a 12 volt dc battery or 12 volt dc battery bank

  • Designed for the outdoors incorporating a weatherproof enclosure

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 6 months parts and labor warranty

Abyss Booster #1 comes with:

  • Weatherproof enclosure that provides long life and protection to the components

  • Built-in Pump Booster

  • Coded Positive and Negative lead for pump wire connection

  • Two water-proof wire connector nuts

  • Alligator clamps on wire for battery connection (flying leads can be requested at time of purchase) 


DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:                   12-15V

AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):                       25 AMPS

DEPTH MEASUREMENT:                               3 1/4"

WIDTH MEASUREMENT:                              4 3/4"

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT:                             4 3/4"

INTERNAL FUSE:                                             25 AMP FUSE

WEIGHT:                                                           2 POUNDS

ENCLOSURE RATED:                                      WEATHERPROOF