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In-Situ Aqua Troll 600 Low Flow Kit Rental

In-Situ Aqua Troll 600 Low Flow Kit Rental

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Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde

The Aqua TROLL 600 water quality platform is rugged in groundwater and corrosion-resistant in surface water, delivering accurate, reliable data in an easy-to-use, flexible instrument that performs for years. Base sensor configuration includes EPA-approved optical dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, turbidity, conductivity, and temperature.


• Use the Aqua TROLL 600 anywhere: Titanium components and vented or non-vented options make it perfect for challenging environments and long-term deployments in fresh and salt water. Every detail has been engineered to be easy, reliable, and cost-effective.

• Save time in the field: VuSitu’s Calibration Assistant reduces errors and ensures accurate calibration values every time. Calibrate multiple sensors at once with Quick-Cal Solution.

• Streamline data management: Set up logs and manage data from the field using the VuSitu™ Mobile App. Consolidate all site information on your mobile device and tag sites with photos and GPS coordinates. Log data to your smartphone and download results in a Universal Data File for profiling, low-flow sampling, and more.


• Status in an instant: LCD display gives you an instant visual indication of sensor status, data log, battery life, and overall functionality to give confidence during deployment. The onboard SD card allows for quick and easy data backup and transfer.

• No fuss antifouling: Antifouling to protect all sensors. The only multiparameter sonde to have a sub-2 inch active antifouling system with cleanable conductivity.

• Get accurate results: Self-compensating turbidity/RDO, smart diagnostics, and stable sensor technology provide minimal drift and increased accuracy with NIST-traceable factory calibration report. Smart sensors store information internally, maintaining data and calibration within the sensor for traceable results.


OPERATING TEMP. (Non-Freezing) -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F) ISE: Ammonium and Nitrate 0 - 40°C, Chloride 0 - 50°C

STORAGE TEMP. Components Without Fluid -40°C to + 65°C (Non Freezing Water) pH/ORP Sensors -5°C to +65°C Ammonium/Nitrate: 0 - 40°C Chloride: 0 - 50°C 

DIMENSIONS: 4.7 cm (1.85 in.) OD x 60.2 cm (23.7 in.) (includes connector) With bail: 72.9 cm (28.7 in.)

WEIGHT: 0.978 kg / 2.15 lbs. (includes instrument, sensors, restrictor and bumpers)

WETTED MATERIALS: PC, PC alloy, Delrin™, Santoprene™, Inconel™, Viton™, Titanium, Platinum, Ceramic, Nylon

WEIGHT:  1.45 kg / 3.2 lbs (includes all sensors, batteries, and bail)


OUTPUT: Bluetooth®

READING RATES 1 reading every 2 seconds

DATA LOGGING: 50 logs (defined, scheduled to run, or stored)

LOGGING MODES: Linear, Linear Average, Event

LOGGING RATE 1 minute to 99 hours

ENVIRONMENTAL RATING: IP68 with all sensors and cable attached IP67 without the sensors, battery cover or cable attached

INTERNAL MEMORY 1 MICRO SD CARD:  16 MB; 8+ GB micro SD card included, user replaceable

INTERNAL POWER BATTERY LIFE: internal user-replaceable Alkaline D batteries >9 months typical with no wiping

HEX SCREW DRIVER: 0.050, 1.3 mm


LCD DISPLAY: Integrated display shows status of sonde, sensor ports, data log, battery and connectivity. 

SOFTWARE: Android™: VuSitu through Google Play™, Windows®: Win-Situ 5


Standard Sensors


Accuracy - ±0.1° C

Range - -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F)

Resolution - 0.01° C

Response Time -  T63<2s, T90<15s, T95<30s

Units of Measure - Celsius, Fahrenheit

Methodology - EPA 170.1



Accuracy - ±0.1 pH unit or better

Range - 0 to 14 pH units

Resolution - 0.01 pH unit

Response Time - T63<3s, T90<15s, T95<30s

Units of Measure - pH units, mV Std.

Methodology - Methods 4500-H+ EPA 150.2


Accuracy - +/- 5 mV

Range - ±1400 mV

Resolution - 0.1 mV

Response Times - T63<3s, T90<15s, T95<30s

Units of Measure - mV

Methodology - Std. Methods 2580


Accuracy - ±0.5% of reading plus 1 µS/ cm from 0 to 100,000 µS/ cm;  ±1.0% of reading from 100,000 to 200,000 µS/ cm; ±2.0% of reading from 200,000 to 350,000 µS/cm

Range - 0 to 350,000 μS/cm; TDS 0-350 ppt; Salinity 0-350 PSU

Resolution - 0.1 μS/cm; TDE 0.1 ppt; Salinity 0.1 PSU

Response Times - T63<1s, T90<3s, T95<5s

Units of Measure - Actual conductivity (μS/cm, mS/ cm); Specific conductivity (μS/ cm, mS/cm) Salinity (PSU, ppt); Total dissolved solids (ppt, ppm); Resistivity (Ohms-cm); Density (g/cm3)

Methodology - Std. Methods 2510, EPA 120.1 Std. Methods 2520A


Accuracy - ±0.1mg/L +/-2% of reading

Range - 0 to 20 mg/L, 0 to 50 mg/L 

Resolution - 0.01 mg/L

Response Times - T63<15s, T90<45s, T95<60s 

Units of Measure - mg/L, %saturation, ppm

Methodology - EPA-approved In-Situ Methods: 1002-8- 2009, 1003-8-2009, 1004-8-2009


Accuracy - +/-2% of reading or +/-2 NTU, FNU, w.i.g.

Range - 0 – 4,000 NTU, 0-1,500 mg/L

Resolution - 0.01 NTU (0- 1,000); 0.1 NTU (1,000-4,000) 0.1 mg/L

Response Times - T63<1s, T90<1s, T95<1s

Units of Measure - NTU, FNU ppt, mg/L

Methodology - ISO 7027



Rental unit includes - AquaTroll 600, Wireless Troll Comm Power Pack, Samsung 8" Galaxy Tablet, flow cell, flow cell fitting kit including 3-way valve and check valve, flow cell spike, flow cell base plate, probe guard, maintenance kit with pH reference solution, replacement junction, conductivity cleaning swabs, (1) 250ml bottle of Quick Cal, AC and DC USB chargers, manual and case.