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Blackline Safety G7 Calibration Dock
Blackline Safety G7 Calibration Dock
Blackline Safety G7 Calibration Dock
Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety G7 Calibration Dock

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About Blackline Safety G7 Dock


Connected Gas Calibration and Bump Testing

Blackline Safety’s G7 Dock is the simple solution to easily calibrate, bump test and charge G7 devices. Docks can be used with both G7c and G7x devices, and supports G7 Single-gas and Quad-gas cartridges.

G7 Dock requires no initial setup — all communications and configurations work out of the box. G7 Dock leverages Blackline Live cloud-hosted monitoring portal for configuration and to store test data for compliance tracking and reporting.

With G7 Dock, bump tests and calibrations are straightforward, performed by simply placing G7 into the dock and using the inserted G7 device's LCD screen and menu system. If a G7 device is due for a bump test and/or calibration, it will automatically perform the required test actions when placed into the dock and the lid closed. All test results are communicated in real-time to the user's Blackline Live account after test actions are complete.

Blackline Live makes it easy to manage changes to G7 Dock inlet configurations. Many organizations leverage the convenience of multi-gas mixtures while others employ single-gas cylinders for the improved cost of detector testing and calibration. The default configuration for G7 Dock is a multi-gas mixture, but also supports single-gas setups. Each dock has five ports at the back of the device — four gas inlets and one outlet for exhausting calibration gas. G7 Dock is configurable to manage up to four gas cylinders.

Blackline Safety designed G7 Dock to provide economical use of calibration gas, with a low flow rate

Blackline Safety HIGHLIGHTS

ƒ Over-the-air configuration updates

ƒ Manage all dock configurations through Blackline Live web portal

ƒ Automatic bump tests

ƒ Automatic calibrations

ƒ Dock usage reports via Blackline Live

ƒ Gas usage reports via Blackline Live

ƒ Doubles as a convenient charging station for G7 devices (Standard, Single-gas and Quad-gas)

Blackline Safety G7 Calibration Dock DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS

Size & Weight

Size: 215mm x 100mm x 95mm (8.46”, 3.94”, 3.74”)

Weight: 202g (7.1oz)


Wall mounting

Desk mounting

Technical user guide includes mounting template

Gas interface configuration

Four customizable gas inlets, one purge port

Internal pumps

Diaphragm pumps

Bump test

25-second bump test, less than 10 seconds of gas applied during a bump


Four minute calibration, less than two minutes of gas applied during a calibration

Gas Usage

Optimized gas delivery (less than 500ml/min)

Power Supply

Input voltage: 5 VDC @ 1000 mA

Power connector: Micro-USB 120/240 VAC power adaptor and USB cable included

Regulatory Compliance



Two year warranty

Blackline Live Web Application

Cloud-hosted safety monitoring web application is highly customizable for every customer requirement. Includes live map, employee address book, user roles, alert management, device configurations, alert setups and reporting.