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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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Thermo PDR-1000 w/ Rechargeable Battery Rental
White Oak Environmental & Safety, LLC

Thermo PDR-1000 w/ Rechargeable Battery Rental

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Utilizing single beam nephelometry, the pDR-1000AN incorporates light-scattering to produce optimal particle response for high correlation with standard gravimetric measurements. With datalogging enabled, the pDR-1000AN automatically tags and time stamps the collected data to be stored for subsequent retrieval, printing or computer graphing.

Key Features:

  • US MSHA Intrinsic safety approval
  • Easy belt or shoulder strap attachmentment for portability
  • Flexible data logging routines

Additional Information:

  • Light-scattering photometer offers high correlation with gravimetric measurement of respirable and thoracic fractions with optimal response to 0.1-10μm size particles
  • Datalogger automatically tags and time stamps data collected and stores it for subsequent retrieval, printing, or graphing through a PC
  • No moving parts means silent operation and minimal maintenance costs
  • Unit is gravimetrically calibrated in mg/m3 and is ready to use after easy zeroing step (kit included)
  • Internal firmware controls automatic calibration check; gravitimetric calibration can be performed in the field for maximum efficiency
  • Concentration Display Updating Interval: 1 second
  • Datalogging Averaging Periods (user selectable): 1 second to 1 hour
  • Total Number of Data Points in Memory: 13,391
  • Number of Data Tags: 99 (maximum)
  • Serial Interface: RS-232, 4800 baud
  • Computer Requirements: PC compatible, 486 processor or higher; Windows™ 95 or higher


Universal power supply, PC communications software, zeroing kit, belt clip kit, carrying case, signal output cables, and instruction manual.

Recommended for:

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Walk-through surveys
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Time & motion studies
  • Workplace & plant monitoring
  • Remediation personal surveillance
  • Mobile monitoring in vehicles & aircraft
  • Toxicology & epidemiology studies
  • Emergency response
  • Testing air filtration efficiency