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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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Dräger X-plore® 5500 Full Face Mask

Dräger X-plore® 5500 Full Face Mask

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Dräger X-plore® 5500 Full Face Mask

Whether in the chemical, metal, or automotive industries, ship building, maintenance, supplies, or disposal: The Dräger X-plore® 5500 full face mask is the right solution for environments where not only increased respiratory protection is required, but a clear vision is mandatory.


Safe and comfortable fit

A double sealing frame with threefold sealing edges offers safe protection and a secure fit for almost all face shapes. The mask body from durable EPDM ensures a great level of wearing comfort even during prolonged use.

5-point harness

The comfortable 5-point harness ensures that the mask is easy and quick to don. Additionally, the wide strap design prevents the development of pressure points on the head.

Large field of view due to 180° lens from PC or Triplex

The distortion-free lens with 180° wide angle guarantees a large field of view with excellent periphial vision. There is a choice of impact-proof polycarbonate material (with plastic frame) or scratch-proof and chemicalresistant Triplex glass (an extra stable stainless steel frame).

Easy recording, servicing, and management

One universal size simplifies logistics and storage. An inside barcode allows for ease of recording and servicing the mask inventory.

Efficient ventilation system

The efficient ventilation system with separate interior half mask ensures a fog-free lens and unobstructed view.

Large field of vision

The lateral location of the filters does not impede the field of vision of the wearer.

Versatile use

The Dräger X-plore® 5500 is equipped with two lateral bayonet connections for use of the comprehensive Dräger X-plore® bayonet filter series.

Technical Data

 Mask body EPDM with high ageing resistance, extremely hypoallergenic

Visor Polycarbonate (with wide field of vision) or Triplex (extremely scratch-resistant with high chemical resistance)

Filter connection Two side-positioned bayonet connections for use of the Dräger X-plore® Bayonet Filter range

Weight approx. 1.1 lbs

Approvals NIOSH approved, EN136 Cl.2 with CE mark

Maintenance Spare parts available