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Geotech 12V BUuck Controller Rental
Geotech 12V BUuck Controller Rental

Geotech 12V BUuck Controller Rental

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gGeotech 12V BUuck & BUuck Plus Controller

Designed to simplify the process of controlling water flow from 12V DC submersible pumps while purging. The variable speed control allows you to turn down the power to your submersible pump for lower flow rates. Ideal controller for the Geosquirt pumps from Geotech, Proactive pumps and Whale pumps


• Variable speed control

• Continuous mode operation

• Over current and motor fault protection

• Reverse polarity protection

• Works with the Geotech Geosquirt and other 12 Volt pumps

• Compact and rugged

• Low-cost controller fits any budget

• Simple to use, just turn the knob (see below)

• Variable ON/OFF time control (BUuck Plus only)


1. Make sure knob is in OFF position.

2. Connect to pump.

3. Connect to 12V DC source.

4. Turn the knob clockwise to increase water flow and counter-clockwise to decrease flow. Full counter-clockwise turns controller off.

5. Fault Protection Reset: Identify and correct fault source then push resettable circuit breaker button back in.


Input Voltage Range: 10-18 Volt DC                

Volt Out Range: 0 to Vin                

Amp Out (max): 15A   

Fault Current Output: 16A                            

Efficiency: 99.8%                   

Storage Temp: -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C)          

Operational Temp: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

Rental Unit Includes - BUuck Controller, adapter as shown in images and manual