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In-Situ AquaTroll 400 Water Quality Meter Rental

In-Situ AquaTroll 400 Water Quality Meter Rental

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In-Situ AquaTroll 400 Water Quality Meter

A multi-parameter water quality meter with optical DO and smart phone / device connectivity. With the Bluetooth transmitter, data is wirelessly sent to your Android or ios device. The Low Flow Sampling wizard accurately calculates stability based on parameters you provide. 

Optional cables for lowering down 2" or larger wells for direct measurements. 

Be Mobile

•  Use the AquaTroll 400 anywhere: Reduce field equipment requirements for routine monitoring from low-flow sampling events to aquaculture spot checks.

• Instantly collaborate with colleagues: Use a wired or wireless connection to send real-time snapshots of data.

• Streamline data management: Consolidate all site information on your smartphone and tag data with site photos and GPS coordinates. Log data to your smartphone and download results in a standard .csv file format.


OPERATING TEMP: -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F)

STORAGE TEMP: -40 to 65° C (-40 to 140° F)

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Dimensions: 4.7 cm (1.85 in.) OD x 26.9 cm (10.6 in.) with restrictor installed (does not include cable connector). Weight: 694 g (1.53 lbs)

WETTED MATERIALS: PVC, 316 stainless steel, titanium, Acetal, Viton®, PC/PMMA

ENVIRONMENTAL RATING: IP68 with all sensors and cable attached. IP67 with sensors removed or cable detached.

MAX. PRESSURE RATING: 112 m (368 ft); 160 psi

OUTPUT OPTIONS: Modbus/RS485 and SDI-12

PROBE READING RATE: 1 reading every 5 seconds (no internal logging)

POWER: Required: 8-36 VDC (no internal battery). Measurement current: 16 mA @ 24 VDC. Sleep current: 40 μA @ 24 VDC

INTERFACE: In-Situ Con TROLL PRO System; Vulink Telemetry System; SCADA/PLC; HydroVu Data Services, and third-party data loggers, samplers, controllers, and telemetry systems.

CABLE: Customizable, non-vented (absolute) RuggedCable® System is available in either Tefzel® or polyurethane.


Level, Depth, Pressure

Accuracy - Typical ±0.1% FS @ 15° C; ±0.3% FS max.  from 0 to 50° C

Range - 76 m (250 ft); absolute  (non-vented)

Resolution - ±0.01% FS  or better

Sensor Type - Fixed

Response Time - Instantaneous in thermal equilibrium

Unit of Measure - Pressure: psi, kPa, bar, mbar, mmHg Level: mm, cm, m, in., ft

Methodology - Piezoresistive; ceramic


Accuracy - Typical ±0.5% + 1 μS/cm; ±1% max.

Range - 5 to 100,000 μS/cm 

Resolution - 0.1 μS/cm

Sensor Type - Fixed

Response Time - Instantaneous in thermal equilibrium

Unit of Measure - Actual conductivity (μS/cm, mS/cm) Specific conductivity (μS/cm, mS/cm) Salinity (PSU) Total dissolved solids (ppt, ppm) Resistivity (Ohms-cm) Density (g/cm3)

Methodology - Std. Methods 2510 EPA 120.1


Accuracy - ±0.1 mg/L ±2% of reading

Range - 0 to 20 mg/L 20 to 60 mg/L  Full operating range: 0 to 60 mg/L

Resolution - 0.01 mg/L

Sensor Type - Fixed with replaceable RDO Sensor Cap. Supports Classic, Fast, and RDO-X caps. Ships with RDO-X cap.

Response Time - T90: <45 sec. T95: <60 sec.

Unit of Measure - mg/L, % saturation, ppm, ppO2

Methodology -  EPA-approved In-Situ Methods 1002-8-2009 1003-8-2009 1004-8-2009

* Interferences: Alcohols >5%; hydrogen peroxide >3%; sodium hypochlorite (commercial bleach) >3%; gaseous sulfur dioxide; gaseous chlorine. Organic solvents and certain petroleum-based hydrocarbons may swell the sensing element and destroy it. Examples include, but are not limited to, acetone, chloroform, methylene chloride, and BTEX compounds.


Accuracy - ±5.0 mV

Range - ±1400 mV

Resolution - 0.1 mV

Sensor Type - Replaceable pH/ ORP combo sensor

Response Time - <15 sec.

Unit of Measure - mV

Methodology - Std. Methods 2580


Accuracy - ±0.1 pH unit

Range - 0 to 14 pH units

Resolution - 0.01 pH unit

Sensor Type - Replaceable pH/ ORP combo sensor

Response Time - <15 sec. pH 7 to pH 4 

Unit of Measure - pH units, mV

Methodology - Std. Methods 4500-H+ EPA 150.2


Accuracy - ±0.1° C

Range -  -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F)

Resolution -  0.01° C or better

Sensor Type -  Fixed

Response Time -  <30 sec.

Unit of Measure - Celsius, Fahrenheit

Methodology - EPA 170.1

*Temperature response only. System response time depends on site conditions.

Rental unit includes - AquaTroll 400, Wireless Troll Comm Power Pack, Samsung 8" Galaxy Tablet, flow cell, flow cell fitting kit including 3-way valve and check valve, flow cell spike, flow cell base plate, probe guard, calibration cup, maintenance kit with pH reference solution, replacement junction, conductivity cleaning swabs, (1) 250ml bottle of Quick Cal, AC and DC USB chargers, manual and case.