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Mercaptan 20/a, 20 - 100 PPM, (8101871)

Mercaptan 20/a, 20 - 100 PPM, (8101871)

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Mercaptan 20/a, 20 - 100 PPM, Part # 8101871, 10 Tests 

Application Range

Standard Measuring Range: 20 to 100 ppm

Number of Strokes n: 10

Time for Measurement: approx. 2.5 min

Standard Deviation: ± 10 to 15 %

Color Change: white š yellow brown

Ambient Operating Conditions

Temperature: 0 to 50 °C

Absolute Humidity: 3 to 30 mg H2O / L

Reaction Principle

a) 2 R-SH + Cu2+ š Cu(RS)2 + 2 H+

b) Cu(RS)2 + S š yellow brown copper compound

Cross Sensitivity

Higher molecular weight alkyl mercaptans (e.g. propyl- and butylmercaptans) are indicated with approximately the same sensitivity. Hydrogen sulfide is indicated with approximately twice the sensitivity of the mercaptans (e.g. 10 ppm hydrogen sulfide gives an indication of 20 ppm). In presence of Hydrogen Sulfide a measurement of mercaptans is impossible.

Additional Information 

After performing the required ten pump strokes the reagent ampoule must be broken. The liquid of the ampoule must be transferred to the indicating layer and carefully drawn through it using the pump. After completing the measurement wait for 3 min prior to evaluation.