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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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Pyridine 5/A, 5 PPM, (6728651)

Pyridine 5/A, 5 PPM, (6728651)

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Pyridine 5/A, 5 PPM, Part # 6728651, 10 Tests

Application Range

Standard Measuring Range: 5 ppm

Number of Strokes n: 20 additional 5 strokes have to be taken in clean air after opening the second reagent ampoule.

Time for Measurement: approx. 20 min

Standard Deviation: ± 30 %

Color Change: white š brown red

Ambient Operating Conditions

Temperature: 10 to 30 °C

Absolute Humidity: 3 to 15 mg H2O / L

Reaction Principle

Pyridine + Aconitic acid + Acetic anhydride š brown red reaction product

Cross Sensitivity

Ammonia in the TLV range does not interfere.

Additional Information

Before carrying out the measurement the lower reagent ampoule must be broken and the liquid transferred to the indication layer so that it is saturated. After performing 20 pump strokes, the upper reagent ampoule must be broken. The granular contents must be shaken out of the broken ampoule by gently tapping the side of the tube. The tube must be held vertically with the inlet of the tube up during the 5 additional pump strokes.