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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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V-3000 Photometer

V-3000 Photometer

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Chemetrics V-3000 Photometer

CHEMetrics’ handheld, portable multi-analyte photometers are rugged and dependable solutions to your water testing needs in the field, the plant, or the laboratory. Intuitive and easy to use, these photometers allow for a quick and easy menu selection of 40+ pre-programmed analytes featuring the convenience of CHEMetrics® Vacu-vials® “snap and read” self-filling ampoules. Test Kits Sold Separately 

As new tests are available, a simple upload procedure from the CHEMetrics website updates the photometer with the most recent programs. Uploading takes only a few minutes and keeps the V-2000 and V-3000 current. The optional Power LabStation upgrades the portable V-3000 Photometer to a benchtop laboratory instrument.

The  V-3000 Photometer is field portable, lightweight, tough, and waterproof. Reading concentration, absorbance, or percent transmittance, this versatile instrument stores up to 100 data points with date/time tags that can be downloaded to a computer.


Instrument Applicability - Portable / Benchtop

Display - Graphics / Backlit

Control Auto Shutoff - Yes

Power Supply Options - Battery, rechargeable battery* universal cable / plug*

Wavelength (nm) - 436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690

Data Interface Software - Yes

Cell Size - 13 mm, 28mm

Language Selection - English, German, French, Spanish

Web-Based Methods Update - Yes

Waterproof - IP67

Operating Temperature - 0-50° C

Data Logging - 100 points

Warranty - 2 years

* Requires purchase of Power LabStation (A-0302)

Optional Accessories

Data Management Software (A-0301)

Power LabStation (A-0302)

28mm Cell w/ Lid (A-0306)

RS232 - USB Adapter (A-0307)