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Waterra Well Slug Rental
Waterra Well Slug Rental

Waterra Well Slug Rental

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A Waterra Well Slug Helps Characterize Your Aquifer Permeability

The Waterra Well Slug is a convenient, fixed volume, cylindrical solid for performing instantaneous, rising or falling, head permeability tests (hydraulic conductivity) in boreholes.

The Waterra Well Slug (WWS-2X3) is designed specifically for 2″ Schedule 40 monitoring wells, but in practice can be used in larger monitoring well. It consists of three sections of solid Acetal Rod which can be used either individually or together to produce greater displacement.

It is constructed of Acetal (Delrin) thermoplastic because of its long acceptance as a material of choice for groundwater monitoring equipment. It is known for its durability, its chemical resilience in harsh environments, and unlike some polymers, acetal thermoplastic is PFOA and PFAS free.


  • Constructed in three segments for flexible use and easy transportation
  • Durable, long lasting, chemically resistant material of construction
  • Easy to use