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Waterra WS-2 Water Level Meter
Waterra WS-2 Water Level Meter

Waterra WS-2 Water Level Meter

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Waterra WS-2 Water Level Meter

The Waterra WS-2 Water Level Sensors are 5/8 inch ( 1.6 cm ) diameter 316 stainless steel probes available at an affordable price. The tape is manufactured with a probe connector at one end and a circuit board connector at the other. This allows the tape or the probe to be quickly and easily replaced should either become damaged. The dog bone design prevents adherence to wet surfaces such as well casings.


  • auto shut-off
  • sensitivity adjustment
  • rugged modular construction
  • powered by 4 AA batteries
  • membrane ON/OFF switch
  • extremely low power consumption
  • sensor’s probe is 5/8″ diameter and is constructed from 316 stainless steel. The probe is snapped into the side of the reel in a probe holder when not in use.

Optional Kynar Coated Tape Features

  • extremely non-reactive with many different substances
  • extremely pure, strong, and able to resist heat, bases, acids, and solvents
  • very resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Kynar is a fluorocarbon (PVDF) so if PFOA or PFAS are concerns at your site, you may want to use a polyethylene tape instead

Open Reel

The WS-2 line of Water Level Sensors use tough, plastic reels to protect the stainless steel tape from damage and dirt while the tape is stored on the reel. They are made from black polyethylene and their lightweight and slim profile make them very portable.

The WS-2 Open Reel is available with tapes in lengths of 100 or 250 feet.


Closed Reel

The WS-2 Closed Reel is only available with a 100 foot tape.