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Now Selling Draeger Gas Detection & Respiratory Products
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TSI Quest Edge 7 Personal Dosimeter Rental
TSI Quest Edge 7 Personal Dosimeter Rental
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TSI Quest Edge 7 Personal Dosimeter Rental

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The Quest™ Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time, within Bluetooth range with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks without interruption in a variety of workplace environments.

Features and Benefits

Powerful in Capabilities – easy-to-use and comes standard with the full-feature set, so no upgrade charges

  • BLE5 Bluetooth® technology syncs to the Edge dB mobile app for data viewing and management at a safe distance. Non Bluetooth models are also available
  • Voice Notes capture a verbal note about location, description, or noise event, which will display in the time-stamped data set for reference in later analysis
  • Audio Recording function will automatically record audio of a noise event above a configurable dB level and be reviewable in your time-stamped data set, allowing for improved diagnostics and time savings in analysis
  • 1/1 Octave Band data capture and analysis enabled
  • Engineering Control validation and identification of potential changes needed
  • Pause Study functionality allows for elimination of noise data during breaks, location/shift changes, or off-site travel to give a more accurate representation of working environments
  • Ceiling threshold monitoring counts the number of occurrences above a ceiling dB level that you determine, giving you better information when a worker may be at increased risk and need hearing protection device changes
  • Four independent, configurable virtual dosimeters that can monitor against up to 4 different standards simultaneously
  • LED dose indicator flashes to easily identify who has reached their daily maximum noise dose exposure
  • User-Configurable settings allow you control of feature set-up and analysis according to your specific needs

Built Durable – specifically designed for day-after-day use and tough environments

  • Sturdy ½” MEMS microphone (Type 2/Class 2) designed to hold up to rigorous use
  • Hi Visibility Color display for easy reading in different light conditions
  • Robust windscreen designed for daily use with easy removal for calibration
  • Shock resistant rubber overlay for better protection and durability
  • Compact unit mounts easily and securely to the shoulder